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  • Caring for your Smarts Soft Top / Cabrio Roof / Folding top

    Caring for your Smarts soft top is a simple task and if undertaken frequently it can massively extend the life expectancy of you folding top.

    Caring for the fabric

    It is essential to keep the alga growing in the fabric as when the canvas is full of dirt and alga it becomes stiff and results in excess strain applied to the roof mechanism. Wearing parts out much sooner.

    If you have a hot pressure washer this is the ideal tool to deep clean the fabric. Its best practice to wash at 60°-70° and not to get the nozzle closer than 20cm as higher pressures could damage the canvas surface. Once the fabric resembles its new condition you should apply a protective coating which will seal the surface and prevent alga growth. You should repeat apply this protective coating every month after washing your Smart. If you don't have access to hot pressure washer we offer the whole service to get you off to a good start for £60 +Vat. Alternatively you could visit a local valeter to perform the hot washing task for you.

    Caring for the Mechanism

    Contrary to what other websites may suggest never use a grease to lubricate your roof as in dry conditions when you have the roof open it will absorb dust and grit into the grease creating an abrasive grinding paste which will dramatically reduce the life of your folding top over time. You should remove any grease and frequently clean and then apply a silicon lubricant spray as it leaves no sticky residue to collect debris

    Unless you have the MB special tool to clean the guides the best way we have found to ensure the guide tracks are clean and free from debris is to use a clean microfiber cloth wrapped around an old toothbrush.

    With the roof open sweep both top and bottom of the tracks from front to back of the car. Then apply silicon lubricant liberally.

    With the roof shut clean the other parts of the tracks that are inaccessible when the roof is open and again apply silicone lubricant liberally

    Finally liberally apply silicone lubricant to all moving parts and then wipe of any excess over spray from the places you don't want it.

    If your folding top is starting to give you problems it is alway best to get it looked at by a professional as soon as possible. Acting quickly when problems begin can save a lot of unnecessary cost as the parts for these roofs are very expensive and the less parts we have to replace can make a massive difference to the cost of repair.

    We offer a full maintenace service on all Smart soft tops

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