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  • Smart Car Diagnostic Service

    We use a Smart car specific Diagnostic System. This is equivalent to the diagnostic software that Smart use.

    Where your local garage can read and clear faults with their universal Snap On kit it will only point them in the right direction. We have the ability to test every individual component within the car. Our system allows us to accurately pin point the fault with your Smart saving us time and you money. A free full diagnostic check is carried out by our technicians prior to every service

    There are a lot of functions the diagnostic system will do that can't be achieved any other way, such as a full electronic clutch adjustment, learning replacement keys, or calibrating your steering angle sensor.

    With our system we can turn on the hidden options built into your Smart car. If you would like to add a paddle shift steering wheel or retrofit cruise control to your Smart, we can perform the necessary coding to make it all work. Here is a list of just some of the more common operations that we use it for.

  • Full electronic clutch adjustment
  • Learning replacement or spare Keys
  • Cruise control activation
  • Paddle shift activation
  • Softouch activation
  • Resetting airbag restraint system
  • Calibrating your steering angle sensor
  • Replacing Sam unit (fuse box), Meg (ECU) or Dash
  • We also offer a complete, mobile diagnostic facility to fix your problems, learn keys etc, at your home.

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