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  • Smarts Car - Retrofitting Optional Extras & Modifications


    # Smart Cruise Control fortwo & Roadster

    To retrofit the cruise control / limiter functions to the 700cc cars is a great modification provided you already have soft touch

    # Brabus f1 style paddle shift steering wheel

    Fitting a paddle shift steering wheel is the most popular modification with smart car owners. We can also adapt you steering wheel to use the left and right horn buttons for up and down shift functions

    # Soft touch Retrofitting

    We can Retrofit your smart car with soft touch giving you a fully auto gearbox. We simply fit a different accelerator pedal SE drive and perform the coding to your Ecu

    # Replacement Smart Car Keys

    Replacement Keys for 450 fortwo's, 452 Smart Roadsters, 451 fortwo smart cars. Relearn keys for 450 and 452 cars.

    # 450 fortwo Sound Pack Upgrade

    Genuine smart bass bins. They are a significant improvement to the standard speaker system. The whole dash must be removed to install this modification. Price to supply & fit

    # Smart 700cc Daytime Running Lights

    Smarts daytime running lights are easly added to the 700cc cars.
    We can add the coding to your smart to activate this feature.

    # Smart Car Passenger Airbag Disabling Switch

    Some Smarts have a switch fitted enabling you to disable the passenger airbag when using a child or booster seat. If you dont have this feature we can repriclate the function by fitting a passenger airbag on / off key switch.


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