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  • Smart Roadster Speedo - Dash Display Not Working - Blank

    Smart Roadster 452 Instrument Cluster Display Stopped Working

    Smart Roadsters often suffer a fault where the instrument cluster display or speedo stops working. This can be hard to diagnose without the correct test equipment. The problem can lie with the SAM unit, dash clocks or be a wiring fault with the Roadsters main loom.

    4 Smart offer a complete diagnosis, repair and cloning service for all ECUs fitted to the Smart Roadsters. If you can get your Smart Roadster to us we have the ability to fix all these issues while you wait. Alternatively you an send us your SAM and instrument cluster then we can bench test these units together to quickly ascertain the cause of your problems.

    We can then either repair the faulty unit or simply code or clone a replacement.

    The Roadster instrument cluster is a particlally weak ecu and is very suscepible to a battery spike due to this we have produced modified instrument clusters with upgraded components to resolve the known issues. We have stock of all varients of this ecu and offer an exchange service for £200|+ vat

    It is important to get the right data coded on any replacement units so the dash displays the correct mileage and all features that your Roadster has work correctly. If your Roadster mileage displays '------' when the ignition is left on then the coding on your dash clocks is incorrect. If a replacement instrument cluster has been fitted without the necessary coding then features such as padddleshift gear changes, cruise control and your horn may not work

    The dash failure can also be as a result of a fauilty SAM unit, where possible we offer a SAM repair service. When this is not possible we can fit a refurbished replacement to your Smart.

    If you can't get your Smart to us you can post us your ECUs . If a ECU repair is not cost effective we can sell you a refurbished unit, copy all the data from your old unit create a clone of your original. You then simply refit it to your car with no need for any costly recoding.

    We currently have stock of all Smart Roadster instrument clusters for sale

    part nos include

    Q0009659V007000000 Q0009659V006000000 Q0009659V005000000 Q0009659V004000000 Q0009659V003000000 Q0009659V002000000

    Q0013433V006000000 Q0013433V005000000 Q0013433V004000000 Q0013433V003000000 Q0013433V002000000 Q0013433V001000000

    Q0018154V005000000 Q0018154V004000000 Q0018154V003000000 Q0018154V002000000 Q0018154V001000000 Q0009659V001000000

    Q0018155V005000000 Q0018155V004000000 Q0018155V003000000 Q0018155V002000000 Q0018155V001000000



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